Mitutoyo Digital Height Gauge Reviews – 300mm & 600mm

Mitutoyo is one of the most trusted brands in the world with a range of useful tools for different industries. The Mitutoyo’s 570-314 Height Gauge is designed to give you the precise measurements of height of various objects. If you are searching for a new height gauge, then Mitutoyo’s Digimatic Height Gage unit is here for you. Let’s collect some more information about this device now!

About Mitutoyo Digimatic Height Gauge 300mm

In this competitive market, there are many types of Height Gauges available to measure heights of different objects. What makes this Mitutoyo’s device different from others is it comes with a set of advanced features. It features a digital display that lets you easily read out the measurements. The display features other useful information as well.

The LCD panel on the Height Gauge displays a metric measurement range of 0” – 24″/0 – 600 mm. The LCD display offers precise measurement to 0.0005”/0.01 mm. In terms of accuracy, it lands with + or – 0.002”/0.05 mm.

Being an advanced Height Gauge device, it is designed with a Miniprocessor that helps users track down data and store information of your measurements. With data output device, the unit transmit data to the device’s built-in Miniprocessor. It processes the stored data and gives you the desired results.

Mitutoyo Digimatic Height Gauge 300mm: Key Features

Great Build Quality

This height gauge tool is made from high-grade carbide materials which ensures its great life. Some manufacturers design their height gauges using aluminum materials which are not durable. This Height Gauge will last for years and there will be no issues with its build quality.

Precise Measurement

Mitutoyo’s Digimatic Height Gauge is quite popular in the market just because of its unbeatable measurement range and accuracy. It is highly recommended height measurement tool by the experts and other professional users.

The measurement length of this unit is 0″ – 24″/0 – 600 mm. It displays error-free measurement with up to 100 % accuracy. You will never have any kind of issues with the measurement of an object while using this device. It displays accurate figures on the display.

Advanced LCD Display

Unlike the traditional Height Gauge devices, this new Mitutoyo’s Height Gauge features an LCD display that displays accurate results. It offers better viewing of the measurements in all light conditions. You can change the measurement of an object from mm, inches and metrics as per your requirements and the display will show you the exact figures.

Built-in Miniprocessor

This Height Gauge 300 mm is designed with the latest technology for the advanced users. It comes with a built-in Miniprocessor that transmits the data of the measurements to this device. It converts it to the desired format and will display the figures on the LCD screen.

This Miniprocessor presets reference height at any position which makes it easier for the users to measure multiple objects quickly. It sets the measurement to zero position automatically when needed.

Output Interface

It’s a digital height measurement tool that lets you store and transfer your data easily. With its built-in output interface, you can simply transmit results to a computer or miniprocessor for Statical Process Control.

Additionally, the Gauge also supports additional input using an Electronic touch probe. You can buy it from the market if you want to make use of this feature which is also available for the users.

A hand-operated feed wheel

For precise height measurement, this Height Gauge comes with a hand-operated feed wheel. You can make use of this tool to raise and lower the gauge as per the height of an object. It also features a clamp lever allowing users to hold the measurement position so that you can read it out easily and can note it down as well.


There is a special marking tool included on this Height Gauge called Scriber. It helps you to mark on the object at the desired position. The mark position here is 30 mm x 60 mm (H x W).

Built-in Battery



To hold the unit at the right position, there is a grip-base available on the unit. This helps the unit stay on the right position while measuring the height of an object. It features screw clamps to hold the object while measuring. This clamp makes it easier for the users to measure the height of an object without moving it.

What’s in the Box?

When you purchase this Height Gauge tool from the market, you will receive the main unit along with a battery. Yes, the battery is also included to run the Miniprocessor and LCD display of the unit.


  • Made from high-grade Carbide Materials
  • Built-in LCD display
  • Offers precise reading of height and other measurements
  • Equipped with a Miniprocessor
  • Useful clamps and screws
  • Manufacturer Warranty upon request


  • A little expensive height gauge on the market
  • Some skills are required to use this tool

Where to buy?

  • You can buy this Height Gauge from Amazon.

Mitutoyo 570-312, HDS Digimatic Height Gage, 12″ X .0005″/0.01mm, With Output: Review

Mitutoyo’s 570-312 is the most advanced Digital Height Gauge in the market. Mitutoyo produces precise measurement tools, metrology equipment and many other types of systems that helps professionals to take perfect measurements of objects. If you are searching for a 600mm height gauge, then Mitutoyo’s 570-312 is the perfect option available for you. Let’s collect some more information about this Height Gauge.

About Mitutoyo 600mm Digimatic Height Gauge

Unlike other manufacturers, Mitutoyo’s products are versatile ones and they are made from high-grade materials. This 600 mm height gauge is designed for the professional users who can get precise measurements of the heights of the objects. It offers full control to take precise height measurements with its digital LCD display.

Being a product of the most trusted brand, this Height Gauge is designed with a lot of innovative and useful features. To know more about this tool’s functionality and use, here we have compiled a list of its key features for you. What you need to do here is just go through the list of its features and you will have all the information about this tool including how you can make the most of it.

Without further ado, let’s get on to the list of its features now!

Mitutoyo Digimatic Height Gauge 600mm: Key Features

Required Measurement Range

This Height Gauge is specially designed for the industries producing different types of objects for machines and other equipment. To measure the perfect height, this Height Gauge comes with a height range of 0” – 12″/0 – 300 mm with 0.0005”/0.01 mm on the digital screen.

If we talk about the ratio of accuracy, then this tool has + or – 0.0015”/0.03 mm of accuracy. It also comes with an option to take data output of the measurement.

Digital LCD Display

This is the most innovative and useful feature available on this tool. Unlike the standard Height Gauge tools, this tool features an advanced digital LCD panel. This panel helps users to read out the data of height. There is an option to take full control of the output of the display. You can change the measurement of the height as per your requirements from mm, inches and metrics.

Electronic Miniprocessor

This Height Gauge comes with a built-in Output option allowing users to integrate the data of the measurements through Miniprocessor. This Miniprocessor makes it easier for the users to measure the precise height of an object. It sets to preset height at any position. It also sets the position to zero temporary.

To make use of the output data option, you can connect this height gauge to a computer or any other compatible device using a data cable. It also comes with an input option to read data from an electronic touch probe.

Great Build Quality

This unit is made from high-grade carbide materials which ensures long life of the tool. It has a grip base that holds its position to the perfect place. All the other components of this height gauge are made from long-lasting materials. You will never have any issues related to its build quality.

Electrostatic Capacitance Linear Encoder

Since some objects require precise measurements, this Electrostatic capacitance linear encoder of this tool prevents from errors. It also prevents overspeed errors by ensuring precise measurement on the digital LCD display.

Feed Wheel

This tool comes with a hand-operated feed wheel that lets you raise and lower the measurement liver as per your requirements. You can easily adjust the lever as per the height of an object so that you can get the perfect measurement.

It also comes with a clamp lever that lets you hold the measurement at its position so that you can readout the measurement and can note it down well. With this clamp, you can fasten the lever at the right position.

Additionally, there is a scriber also available on the tool to mark a position on a workpiece.

All these useful features are available on this top-rated Height Gauge tool. This tool is highly recommended by the expert. If you are searching for a 600mm height tool, then this is the perfect choice for you as it comes with all the advanced features that offers error-free and accurate height measurements of any object.

What’s in the box?

When you purchase this Height Gauge from here, you will get a main unit assembled with digital LCD screen and other parts. You will also be provided with a SR44 Battery to keep it on. There is a switch available on the unit allowing users to turn on and turn off the tool. If it is not in use, you can simply switch it off to save its battery life.


  • Perfect Height gauge with precise measurements
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use functionality
  • Made from durable materials
  • Built-in LCD display
  • Miniprocessor comes with an input and output options
  • Comes with a battery


  • Some resellers are not providing original products and for that reason, some users are complaining about the quality issues of the product.

Where to buy?

  • You can buy this Height Gauge from Amazon.

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