Tacklife Digital Height Gauge Full Product Review

If you are working in the industry or field where you have to measure heights of different objects with accuracy, then you must have heard about the Height Gauge tool. In today’s digital world, manufacturers have started developing fully digital height gauges for their customers. Today, we will be reviewing a Tacklife’s Digital Height Gauge.

If you are searching for a compatible and reliable advance height gauge, then you must check out the full review of this popular height gauge from Tacklife.

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About Tacklife: 

Digital Height Gauge Tacklife Depth Gauge with Three Measurement Modes, Magnet Based, Stainless Steel Locking Screw, Large Digital Display for Woodworking, Router Table - MDG01

Tacklife provides almost all types of measure and test power tools for the industries. The same brand manufacturers a variety of power tools with advance technology for the users.

You can explore a range of power tools, hand tools, measuring tools, cleaning tools and many other tools to make your daily life’s tasks easier. The brand provides the best and standard power tools at a competitive price tag.

Tacklife has recently upgraded its height measuring tools range and the MDG01 Digital Height Gauge from the brand is currently the top-rated one in the market. This advance height gauge offers the best of features and functions to measure the height of different objects with 100% accuracy. Let’s decode this product now!

Use of Digital Height Gauge

Height Gauge is a measuring device developed to measure the heights of the objects. In this modern world, the height gauge tool has been redeveloped and we have now the most advanced height measuring tools called Digital Height Gauge.

Digital Height Gauge comes with a digital display that lets you see the actual height of the object on the screen. You don’t need to read out the small marks on the measuring tool, just measure the object and you will see all the details right on the LCD screen attached to the height gauge.

Height Gauge is highly used by metalworkers who have to work on different types of metal objects to cut and produce a new object. This tool helps in measuring the accurate height of an object without any hassle.

Thankfully, we have a huge number of the height measuring tools available from different brands. You can get the best deal from the market by a little more research. The following review part of the Tacklife’s Digital Height Gauge will give you all the information about the tool. You will also be provided with a list of its features, pros and cons here. Let’s get on to the review part now!

About Tacklife Digital Height Gauge: 

Tacklife’s Digital Height Gauge is a widely used depth height gauge. It the simplest digital height gauge that lets you offer full accuracy while measuring the height of an object. It doesn’t require prior skills; anyone can make use of this tool to measure the depth height of an object.

Here, we have listed down a detailed list of its key features. You can go through the list of its features to know everything that you may want to know about this height measuring tool.

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Key Features: 

LCD Display Screen 

Digital Height Gauge Tacklife Depth Gauge with Three Measurement Modes, Magnet Based, Stainless Steel Locking Screw, Large Digital Display for Woodworking, Router Table - MDG01

Being the latest edition, this Height Gauge tool features an extra-large LCD Display Screen. This is an essential feature especially for the new generation users who don’t know how to read the height measurement of objects manually.

The traditional height gauge features marking on the side of the tool. Small marking is very hard to read and is not suitable for the newbies. It requires a lot of patience and prior skills to work with the traditional height gauge.

However, the new digital height gauge’s LCD screen displays everything very clearly. Users can get the measurement data right from the display. The manufacturer offers an HD LCD Display Screen to see and note down the measured data of the depth height.

Built-in Measurement Modes

What makes this Height Gauge so much special for the users is it comes with three different types of the height measuring modes. You can make use of these built-in modes to measure the height of an object as per your requirements.

If we talk about the measuring modes, this digital height gauge comes with mm, inch and fraction height measuring modes. Users can select any of these modes as per their needs. To make their reading convenience, all these modes are available ready-to-use for users.

While using these modes, you don’t need to use a converter or any other external tool to read out the data. The LCD screen displays the data of the current mode only. This makes it easier to read and note down the measurements of an object.

Great Build Quality 

Tacklife’s MDG01 Digital Height Gauge is made from high-grade ABS Materials. We are going to use the Height Gauge tool for measuring the depth height of metal objects, for that reason, it is essential to have a sturdy and durable measuring tool.

By keeping everything in mind, Tacklife has manufactured this product with high-grade and durable ABS Materials. The product is designed to last for years without any hassle. You will never have any issues with the product’s quality and its materials.

Auxiliary Measuring Pen

There comes a time when the gauge can’t measure the depth of an object as the depth ruler can’t reach out to the end of an object. To measure a depth height of such objects, you will get an Auxiliary Measuring Pen along with this Height Gauge tool.

Most manufacturers don’t offer this feature on their new editions; however, Tacklife’s advance height gauge has this measuring pen equipped. You can easily measure the height of hard-to-reach areas of an object using it. The LCD display will show the accurate height data to you.

Built-in Sensors 

Industries require high accuracy when it comes to manufacturing new products. For that reason, a high-level of accuracy is required from the measuring tools. This digital height gauge features high-quality capacitive grating sensors. The sensors are placed inside the measuring rod.

These sensors are very useful to give you an accurate depth height of any object you measure with this tool. The sensors carry a set of prominent features of small volume, high resolution, great accuracy, simple structure, low cost, low power consumption, fast measurement speed.

This makes it suitable to work in different conditions and sets up a user-friendly environment to get the accurate measuring data of the objects. Every single sensor and object of this tool are designed to give you the accurate depth height reading of a measuring object.

Integrated Keyboard 

To make things easier for you, this Height Gauge comes with an integrated keyboard. You will get a number of useful keys on the tool to set up things as per your needs. As mentioned above, this digital height gauge comes with three height measuring modes. The keyboard has three different keys to measure mm, inch and fraction. You just need to select the desired key to start reading.

There is a simple on and off key available on the left side of the keyboard. The first thing you need to do is turn on the digital height gauge tool by pressing the on/ off key. This will start the display and then you can select the mode to start measuring the height.

Up 100% Accurate Data

Digital Height Gauge is used to get the accurate data of the height of an object. Tacklife’s digital height gauge offers up to 100% accuracy with the measurement. The accuracy level of this height gauge is ± 0.1 mm, ± 0.004 in, ± 1/250 in.

Built-in Magnetic Base

Since we are going to use this digital height gauge tool on metal materials, the manufacturer has designed this gauge to fix it firmly on the metal materials. It comes with a magnetic base that lets you fix the measuring gauge on the material firmly so that you can easily measure the height of an object.

Usually, when you don’t have such a magnetic base on the gauge, it will take more time to get the perfect measurement since the gauge doesn’t stand properly. It also requires an external help; you will need an extra person while measuring height if the height gauge lacks magnetic base.

This feature is also very useful for DIYers who work on different projects. The magnetic base provides better stability to measure the height accurately and saves your precise time. It is also used widely in setting table saw blade, router table, measuring the height and depth for woodworking and so on. It’s a multi-purpose tool designed for professional users.

Self-standing Design 

This Height Gauge stands on its own. You don’t need to use your hands to hold the tool while measuring the depth height on the cutter table. This design is unique as it stands on its own and the stainless-steel screws can hold the object firmly.

Wireless Functionality 

This Height Measuring tool has a built-in battery. It uses battery power to display the height measuring data while you use it. It doesn’t come with any charger or an external battery. However, you can easily get the battery replaced after it expires.

The Height Gauge comes with CR2032 Coin Battery. To work with the built-in battery for a longer time, you need to keep an eye on the on and off switch. Keep the height gauge off while not in use. This way, you can save some battery life of the tool.


This product is backed by the company’s 2 years limited manufacturer warranty. Yes, Tacklife is offering 24 months of warranty on this digital height gauge tool. If you have any issues with its working functionality or its parts, you can get them replaced or serviced under the warranty period for free. The company will not charge even a single penny within the warranty period.

This is what you might want to know about the world’s most popular Digital Height Gauge I.e. Tacklife’s MDG01 Digital Height Gauge. This Gauge offers everything to measure an accurate depth height of any object. It works well with wooden materials and metal materials. You can also use it on plastic objects.

Let’s see what you will get inside the box of this Digital Height Gauge.

What’s in the Box? 

When you order this digital height gauge, you will get the following things inside the box.

  • Tacklife MDG01 Digital Depth Height Gauge
  • User Manual
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • CR2032 Coin Battery

If you haven’t used a Digital Height Gauge ever in your life, then there’s a user manual included inside the box of this depth gauge by the manufacturer. The user manual comes with proper instructions and useful guidelines to get started with this gauge. You will be instructed with the different parts of the tool and how you can start using this tool to measure depth height of different objects.


  • Easy-to-use functionality
  • Great Build Quality
  • Three Different Height Measuring Mode
  • Extra-large HD LCD Display
  • Steel Locking Screws
  • The Magnetic Base
  • User Manual
  • 24 Months of Limited Manufacturer Warranty


  • The measuring scale of this height gauge is made from plastic material which looks very poor. You need to be a little careful while measuring metal object’s height as it may can bend from the middle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you use this height gauge in the reverse position?

Yes, the design of this height gauge allows you to measure the depth of an object from any end. So yes, you can use it in the reverse position as well.

  1. Can I change the battery of this Gauge on my own?

Of course, yes! You can easily replace the battery of this height gauge just by unscrewing the battery box. It uses coin batteries which are very easy to change.

  1. Can I use multiple height measuring modes simultaneously?

No. You can measure the height of an object only with one mode at a time. There are separate keys available on the keyboard to measure the height as per your needs in mm, inch and fraction.

Where to buy? 

You can buy Tacklife MDG01 Digital Height Gauge from Amazon.

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