Taytools 0-6”, 0-150 MM Digital Height Gauge Review 2022

A digital height gauge is one of the most useful measuring instruments that you will come across today.

Taytools 0-6”, 0-150 MM Digital Gauge Height Review

It consists of a slider attached with a stylus which moves relative to a measuring scale, situated on a beam. So basically a digital height gauge is a high precision device that has been designed solely for measuring the height difference between any two points.

Height gauges with high-end configurations, particularly an electronic height gauge can execute various tasks. From measuring step heights and the external and internal radius of surfaces to calculating center line distances, these are used to obtain precise readings.

Height gauges of reputed brands are manufactured with hardened stainless steel and to ensure its robustness, a solid cast iron base is also provided. The beam which consists of the printed scale in metric and imperial format extends from the base; this is used for the readings.

One of the best digital height gauge available today is the Taytools 0 – 6 inches, 0 – 150 mm electronic height gauge.

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Let us check out the product specifications below.


  • Offers a measuring range from 0.6 to 6.25 inches.
  • Renders high-end accuracy of about 0.001 inches per 6 inches.
  • Manufactured with sturdy stainless steel to guarantee robustness. The steel scribe is of 0.25 inches wide along with 2-inch gap.
  • Offers a fine resolution of 0.0005 inches.
  • Substantial cast base made of solid metal. Measuring 2 inches x 1.25 inches x 4 inches with a lapped bottom.
  • Large and vivid LCD screen
  • Power saving technique.
  • The company provides a guarantee of the battery life for 1 year.

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Taytools 0-6”, 0-150 mm Features

Digital gauges are extremely important owing to their excellent precision features. If you are in a profession which demands accurate height measurement, then this digital height gauge will certainly prove to be your best friend.

From mechanical engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, pumps, and compressors to general test operations, the applications of this digital height gauge are multifarious.

Since it needs to be transported to different locations, it comes in a sturdy stainless steel case.

It is also equipped with a powerful battery set up and resilient electronic technology that guarantees the consistency in readings offered by this height gauge and also to ensure the accuracy under all circumstances. You will also get a battery of variant CR2032 of a capacity of 3 volts.

Besides acquiring precision, digital gauges present results in a digital format and are very quick in delivering the final accurate readings.

Often an optional rubber cover is also available for additive protection.

Most digital height gauges are favored for their superior precision skills compared to the analog ones. This height gauge provides an accuracy of 0.001 inches in every 6 inches, which is definitely top notch. It promises a wide measuring range, that is, from 0 to 6.25 inches. It renders a varied resolution up to 0.0005 inches.

The large LCD screen built into this device offers a good readability of the final measurements.

The vertical beam of this digital height gauge is made up of pure stainless steel which provides desired durability.

This device is equipped with a feature that enables it to convert the units from inches to metric and vice versa.

The cast base that is attached to the beam is designed to function robustly, measuring 2 inches x 1.25 inches x 4 inches.

After you take readings for a measurement, you don’t have to re-calibrate it to zero, as it automatically goes back to the zero point for the next reading to be correct.

The gauge is equipped with a strong steel scribe with a width of 0.25 inches and a reach of 2 Inches.

Moreover, you will not have to switch it off every time after using. It implements the power saving feature and turns it OFF automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.

As part of the Taytools Height Gauge review, we shall check out the pros and cons of this digital height gauge.


  • Very easy to use and lightweight
  • Accurate measurements
  • Very sturdy design
  • Worth the money
  • Carbide point is effective in marking lines


  • The base is not ground flat.
  • Battery needs to be charged even after 6 hours of use.
  • Loose screws and scribe.
  • Accuracy not as claimed.


After going through this review, it is now pretty easy to understand that the Taytools 0-6”, 0-150 mm electronic height gauge is bound to offer great utility. Moreover, it is one of the best digital gauges that come at an affordable price point. With just $ 39 to spend, you can obtain great precision as well as convenience.

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